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Maritime Simulation
Long Term System Support Program (LTSSP)
K-Sim Support - We are by your side
Creating the future together
K-Sim® Polaris - Ships bridge simulator
K-Sim® Navigation - Ships bridge simulator
KDI User Conference 2016
K-Sim® Engine - Engine Room Simulator
K-Sim® Engine Instructor station
K-Sim Cargo - Liquid Cargo Handling Simulator
K-Sim® Cargo Instructor station
K-Sim Offshore - Offshore Vessel Simulator
Offshore Vessel Simulator - Deck Operator Trainer
K-Sim DP - Dynamic Positioning Simulators
K-Sim® DP Basic, Dynamic Positioning Simulator
K-Sim® DP Advanced, Dynamic positioning simulator
K-Sim® DP Manoeuvering, Dynamic Positioning Simulator
Integrated systems for extended training possibilities
Simulator Training allows sea-time reduction
Onboard Training systems OTS
K-Sim VTS - Vessel Traffic Services Simulator
Simulator Product Training
Simulator Newsletter
Simulator Products
About us
Product Training
Latest News
K-Sim Support
K-Sim Navigation/Polaris - Ships Bridge Simulators/
Polars Communication (GMDSS), Radar and SAR Simulator
Polaris bridge simulator instructor station
Polaris bridge simulator - ECDIS display
Polaris bridge simulator - Visual system
K-Sim Polaris - Software Features
Long-Term System Support Program
Oil and Gas
Real-time Drilling
Real-Time Drilling Software
Real-Time Advisory Solution for Well Operations
Casing Running Console
Rig Site Fluid Management
Blow Out Preventer
Pressure Testing Console
No Drilling Surprises Console
Cementing Console
Drilling Operations Console
Rate of Penetration Console
Blow Out Preventer Pressure Testing Console
Tripping and Casing Running Console
Flow Assurance
LedaFlow Consulting Services
LedaFlow Software
Process Simulation
Process and Control Design Verification
Control and Safety System Checkout
Operator Training Simulator
Online Operator Training Simulator
Generic Simulators
Virtual Flow Metering
Production Monitoring System
Rig Management
Oil & Gas
Renewables and Utilities
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Kongsberg EmPower®
Condition Monitoring
Performance Monitoring
Production Forecasting
Wind Farm Control
Oil & Gas Technical Support
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Kongsberg Digital
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Maritime Simulation
Renewables & Utilities
Oil and Gas
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