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Giving you 5-8 % reduction in Cost of Energy

Kongsberg EmPower is a turbine independent decision support system. It surpasses the functionality found in wind farm supervisory control and data acquisition systems, and offers a modern and intuitive user interface.

EmPower integrates data and functions presently found in separate systems into one unified system. This new and integrated solution has enabled the development of new and advanced analysis methods. This makes EmPower unique. 

EmPower is based on international industry standards and can communicate with external systems from any other vendors which are open for access.

EmPower has 4 modules which the customer can select individually to meet their specific requirements. Although the full benefits of the system lies in the complete integrated solution, the modular design ensures that the system is scalable and can be tailored to the customer’s business model and needs.

Performance Monitoring

  • Overview and real time monitoring of portfolio/farm/turbine performance
  • Detection of underperformance contributes to reduction in CoE 

Condition Monitoring

  • Collection and analysis of sensor data to give the best possible turbine condition status overview
  • Early fault detection and decision support for condition based maintenance lead to reduction in CoE

Production Forecasting

  • Forecasting of power production and identification of weather windows and time frames favourable for maintenance
  • Reduced imbalance cost and better maintenance planning will result in a lowering of CoE

Wind Farm Control

  • Operation of the wind farm as a whole, on the level above individual turbine control
  • Reduction in CoE through increased energy yield and load mitigation by dynamic down-rating of turbines and active wake steering

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EmPower's 4 modules
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