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Data-driven optimization.

The Oil & Gas Industry is changing. Value chains are being transformed, business models are challenged, and requirements for safety, efficiency, productivity, and sustainability are constantly evolving. The Digital Twin is KONGSBERG’s solution that enables you to radically redesign your operations, drive positive change, and grow your business.

The Digital Twin is a revolutionary change-maker that seamlessly intertwines and optimizes the combination of our digital and the physical worlds. It enables your business to optimize the time and cost of planning, designing, commissioning and operating your assets. The Digital Twin improves performance through data driven operations. It enables your employees to simplify and automate their work processes through integration, data sharing, and visualization.

The result is a radical simplification of core processes and a tangible creation of value for your business. According to our studies, the Digital Twin can provide up to a 40% reduction in CapEx and a 50% reduction in OpEx. A smart opportunity for your bottom line, your assets, and your operations.

The applications and possibilities of the Digital Twin are virtually limitless. Let’s transform your value chain and shape a future for our industry. Create an industry that is smarter, more efficient, and more productive. Together.

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