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Embracing open innovation.

We believe the Digital Twin is best defined as a collaborative arena for industry leaders and challengers who hope to achieve a better future for their businesses and all they serve.

The Digital Twin tears down traditional inter-organizational silos and enables the power of collaboration. Our vendor agnostic system provides much-needed flexibility and compatibility across diversifying industries.

The Twin will allow our partners, clients and collaborators to optimize and reduce the time and cost of commissioning, operating, planning, and designing assets, and improve performance through data driven operations. By enabling a common situational understanding, we are providing organizations with the tools needed to operate & collaborate at a level of unprecedented efficiency & safety. 

Our Digital Twin for Unmanned Facilities Feasibility Study, that was conducted in partnership with Equinor, revealed a resoundingly clear principle recommendation: Open innovation, partnerships, and collaboration are required to achieve the transformative ambitions of the Digital Twin. This provides proof that we must seek the help of partners and the developer ecosystem in order to add the most value and functionality to our Digital Twin platform.

The collaborative solutions we pursue today will enable autonomous, unmanned and remotely operated assets offshore, onshore, in the air and in space.

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