We provide market leading simulator solutions:
  • Supporting everything from mandatory STCW training to advanced integrated crew training for maritime, naval and offshore industries 
  • Enabling efficient education of vital skills enhancing knowledge, safety and cost-efficiency in maritime operations 
  • Advanced simulation: pre-mission planning, feasibility studies, research projects and other for decision making support 


We provide a unique range of software solutions 

  • Real-time data aggregation, visualization and advisory solutions for all phases of well construction
  • Dynamic process and advanced transient multiphase flow simulation solutions for engineering studies, operator training, and real-time production and flow assurance
  • Rig management software for daily rig operations and drilling vessel management


Renewables and Utilities delivers innovative products and services to the renewable energy sector. 

  • Utilizing the extensive experience of the group from automation, analytics and sensors for the renewables and utilities industry
  • Kongsberg EmPower - open platform with full integration of sensors and systems providing smart data and decision support
  • Kongsberg EmPower - smart data solutions for increased efficiency in operations through real-time performance monitoring, forecasting maintenance and optimizing production

WORLD CLASS - through people, technology and dedication

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