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Greenhouse Gas Protocol

“Greenhouse Gas Protocol” is an international standard for reporting on grrenhouse gases (GHGs). The standard has been developed by World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) and World Resources Institute. The Protocol uses three levels for reporting. KONGSBERG reports on all three levels. 

The environmental accounts encompass the following sources of CO2 emissions:

  • Direct emissions (Scope 1): Emissions from the use of fuel oil and gas to heat buildings, as well as from the production of district heating at Kongsberg Technology Park.
  • Indirect emissions from electricity (Scope 2): Emissions from the consumption of electricity or district heating from external suppliers.
  • Emissions from air travel (Scope 3): Emissions from national and international flights booked in Norway and abroad. The environmental accounts for 2013 are not directly comparable to those for 2012, as air travel ordered at our locations outside Norway was not included in 2012.

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