KONGSBERG’s Training Programme for Ethics, Anti-Corruption and Business Conduct and Compliance is intended to give employees the understanding and awareness required to carry out their responsibilities in compliance with legislation, regulations and the corporate Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, including supplemental business conduct and compliance documents.

KONGSBERG has developed various mandatory training tools, including basic e-learning ased on our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct for all employees, classroom training for new employees and new line managers, and specific training for exposed personnel, managers and market representatives. The training material and instructors are to be approved by the Corporate Compliance Officer. The annual training plan is to be risk based, focusing on new laws and requirements, KONGSBERG’s Directives and mandatory governing documents.

E-learning, mandatory for all KONGSBERG employees

Lesson 1 KONGSBERG's culture, values and Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

Lesson 2 Anti-corruption

Lesson 3 Health, Safety and the Environment (HSE)

Lesson 4 Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

Lesson 5  Gifts and Hospitality

Lesson 6  Whistleblowing

Lesson 7 GDPR Basic


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