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Compliance with applicable laws and regulations and internal requirements is an important part of our
corporate governance activities.

This Code is approved by the Board of Directors in KONGSBERG. The CEO is authorized to sign the Code and approve documented and justified deviations from the Code.

The number of regulations and enforcement activities are growing internationally, and the regulatory environment is becoming more and more challenging. This makes it more important than ever that all our employees and other that represent KONGSBERG are aware of, knowledgeable of, and act according to applicable regulations.

KONGSBERG considers it important that employees provide feedback on matters perceived as positive as well as on matters perceived as negative, to protect the company, our colleagues and our stakeholders.

KONGSBERG encourages all who become aware of potential violations of this Code, relevant laws and regulations, or KONGSBERG governing documents to notify appropriate company personnel.

Reporting of concerns

Employees who are aware of any violation of laws and regulations, or KONGSBERG governing documents shall immediately report to the responsible superior or follow KONGSBERG’s guidelines for reporting concerns.

KONGSBERG has internal guidelines for following up on reported concerns. KONGSBERG will not tolerate any form of reprisals against anyone who, in good faith, reports a violation or suspected violation of this code.

Employees can seek guidance from the HR department, the Ombudsmen, the Compliance Officers or by posting email to

Follow-up and consequences

Any non-compliance with this Code, KONGSBERG’s governing documents and/or relevant laws and regulations, shall be followed up and consequences shall be predictable and proportionate.

Infringement of the Group's ethical rules or relevant statutory provisions can lead to disciplinary measures or dismissal, and may be reported to the relevant authorities. Any direct participation in corrupt activities, even if no benefit is received by the employee, will normally lead to termination of employment and reported to authorities. Similarly applies to contractual parties, even if the corruption may not relate to business or other interaction with or for KONGSBERG.


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