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KONGSBERG received 1350 applications for this year’s summer jobs. The competition for the 150 student summer jobs therefore was fiercer than ever in KONGSBERG’s anniversary year.

"We have seen growing interest in working over the summer doing study-related tasks. This year we have increased the number to 150 summer students, which is a record for KONGSBERG", says President and CEO of KONGSBERG, Walter Qvam.

"A contribution to the national boost for technology"

Having summer students is an important means of recruiting new employees to KONGSBERG. Moreover, students bring fresh knowledge to bear on actual technological challenges, which is also important for the company. Students work on actual tasks that are part of a development project, or related to specific products or services. The summer jobs are also an important part of our contribution to the national technology effort, and aims to reduce the dropout rate duringthe first years of engineering studies.

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"This is an important part of our corporate social responsibility and is also important for recruitment and product development. We want to help more future engineers to experience how to turn theory into practice. It may also motivate them to work hard and complete their education. We are committed to increasing the talent pool; this is important for us and for Norway's technological development", says Qvam, pointing out the distribution of students with summer jobs at the company.

"We recruit first-year students as well as students who are at the end of a five-year course of study. It is important to have a good balance of Bachelor's and Master's candidates, both among the summer students and our staff.

From the ocean floor to outer space

Students can apply for summer jobs in all fields of the company, with technologies ranging from the ocean floor to outer space. In addition, Kongsberg Defence Systems offers the Local Hawk summer programme, while Kongsberg Maritime offers the Zeppaloon summer programme. As many as 364 students applied for the 23 vacancies in the Local Hawk programme, while 171 applied for 6 vacancies in the Zeppaloon programme.

"Local Hawk and Zeppaloon are two very popular summer programmes and are good examples of the kind of technology you can work with at KONGSBERG. Students have the opportunity to work on a project from start to finish, with actual technological challenges and guidance from experienced engineers, and they get to work in modern facilities", says Qvam.

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