Share:Gallium hits the $ 25.000 fundraiser mark

Gallium breaks all records in raising money for Ottawa Hospital.

The empolyees of Kongsberg Gallium in Ottawa raises a recordbreaking $25.238 to Ottawa Hospital for a cancer research program. By collecting over $25.000 the amount is match by the goverment and the total amount will add up to just over $50.000.

Gallium has participated in fundraising to Ottawa Hospital for five-six years and has reach a total amount of almost $130.000.

The employees has had a deduction on their payroll, which Gallium has matched, and they have had a golf tournament and a BBQ in order to raise money.

The golf tornament was played on the golf course right outside the office building in the mid of September.

While the BBQ was held in the summer with all businesses in the area was invited to participate. The BBQ was held just on the steps of the office building. The employees makes the food for the event and there was a silent auction.

There was also a online possibilitiy for friends and family to contribute.

The cancer research program Kongsberg Gallium raised money for is the ground-breaking research of Dr. Jean-Simon Diallo. He is working closely with Dr. John Bell to enhance oncolytic virus therapy cancer treatment.

Oncolytic viruses represent one of the most promising new approaches for fighting cancer because they can attack tumours in multiple ways, they have very mild side effects, and they can be easily customized for different kinds of cancer. Dr. Diallo’s research is focused on combining oncolytic viruses with different drugs to make them even more powerful cancer-killers. Dr. Diallo has discovered several novel drugs that can increase the replication of oncolytic viruses in cancer cells by an amazing 1,000 times! While oncolytic viruses have already shown great promise in small clinical trials in humans, they could be even more powerful when combined with the drugs that Dr. Diallo is studying 

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