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Kjetil Lund speaking at the opening of the Kongsberg Maritime factory in Zhengjiang

To serve the Asian customers even better, Kongsberg Maritime today opened a new factory in Zhenjiang, China.

Both representatives from KONGSBERG and the Chinese authorities were present during the opening of the 25.000 square meters factory.

"The opening of this large and modern factory is an important milestone for KONGSBERG. It is one of the largest Norwegian establishments in China, and will be of great importance to our position in this important market, says President and CEO of KONGSBERG," Walter Qvam.

Walter Qvam and Mr. Feng 
CEO Walter Qvam and Mr.Feng, Vice Mayor Zhenjiang City

China is the third largest nation in the world within shipping. Thus it is important for Kongsberg Maritime (KM) to be close to the Chinese shipyards, as well as other important Asian markets such as Singapore and Korea.  

The new factory will house two Kongsberg Maritime subsidiaries; Kongsberg Maritime China Jiangsu (KMCJ) and Kongsberg Maritime China Zhenjiang (KMCZ). KMCJ now has 55 employees, and will expand to nearly 80 by the end of this year. The company produces sensors and tank management systems.

KMCZ is a joint-venture, in which Kongsberg Maritime has a 56.2 per cent stake. KMCZ has 200 employees, and produces switchboards and transformers for the maritime market.  

Håvard Johnsen from Kongsberg Maritime in Trondheim, Norway, is the leader of KMCJ. KMCZ is led by Mr. Wu. Dagfinn Müller from Horten, Norway, is Deputy General Manager.

Factory overview, Zhengjiang, China 
 Factory overview, Zhenjiang, China.

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