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When the Russian submersible Priz became trapped at a depth of 190 metres in the Pacific in eastern Russia, the Royal British Navy's submarine rescue service came to its assistance. Aided by a remotely operated vehicle loaded with equipment from KONGSBERG, the submarine was set free and the crew saved.

On Saturday, 6 August, the Royal British Navy's submarine rescue service arrived with its remotely operated vehicle in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, on the Kamchatka Peninsula in distant eastern Russia. Their mission was to help rescue the crew of seven on board the mini-submarine Priz. The vehicle was entangled at a depth of 190 metres in the Pacific, and the crew's oxygen supply was depleting at a threatening rate.

The remotely operated vehicle was equipped with a camera, sonars and transponders made by KONGSBERG. It took the ROV six hours to cut through the tangle of cables and fishing nets before the boat was set free, raised to the surface and the crew of seven could safely set foot on terra firma.

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