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Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace AS has signed an Undefinitized Purchase Contract with a Not-to-Exceed value of approximately MNOK 30 with Boeing, in support of a Raytheon contract with the U.S. Army. Up to MNOK 500 of production options may be added.

Subcontractors to Raytheon
Boeing and Kongsberg are subcontractors to Raytheon for the U.S. Army SLAMRAAM Program.

Under the Boeing Purchase Contract, the System Development & Demonstration (SDD) Phase has a value of approx. 30 MNOK and includes development and production of prototype kits for delivery in 2005. KONGSBERG is responsible for delivery of hardware components to the Integrated Fire Control Station (IFCS) for the SLAMRAAM Battle Management Command and Control system.

Deliveries to year 2011
After conclusion of the SDD Phase, hardware kits may be added as production options to the Purchase Contract. Optional hardware deliveries are worth up to MNOK 500 if all options are exercised, and deliveries will extend to year 2011.

Important reference
Since KONGSBERG and Raytheon introduced an exclusive international partnership in 1996, five NATO nations have chosen air defence Battle Management Command and Control systems from KONGSBERG and Raytheon. The U.S. Army as the worldŽs biggest defence force is an important reference and partner for a continued international marketing effort of SLAMRAAM.

The first KONGSBERG contract for the air defence system was signed with the Royal Norwegian Air Force in 1989 through the NASAMS program.

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