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Herborg KråkvikIn the bright sunshine at Haugesund last Saturday, Norway's popular actress Herborg Kråkevik shattered a bottle of champagne against the bow of the Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue's latest rescue boat, the RS Simrad Buholmen. This is the third rescue boat in the Simrad class, and the second for which Kongsberg Gruppen has provided most of the funding.

"This vessel doesn't look anything like the old-time rescue boats, but the term rescue boat has become a household word all along the coast. Consequently, we still call them rescue boats, even though this one virtually flies across the water thanks to its powerful water jet engines and all the electronics supplied by Simrad", remarked the head of the Rescue Society's National Council, Nils Chr. Bang in his speech at the christening ceremony.

Kongsberg Gruppen was represented by President Torfinn Kildal of Kongsberg Maritime and President Jan Berner of Simrad, among others. Both expressed how proud they are that the new class of rescue boat bears the Simrad name. Naturally, the two newest rescue boats are filled with sophisticated instruments and equipment from Simrad.

From left President Torfinn Kildal of Kongsberg Maritime, godmother Herbjørg Kråkevik, the head of the Rescue Society's National Council, Nils Chr. Bang and President Jan Berner of Simrad.

"The sound values that the Rescue Society stands for in its efforts to save lives, prevent accidents and salvage assets at sea, are all positive. Not to mention all the unselfish volunteer work that characterises the entire organisation and all those who work in and with the company. We at Kongsberg fully support all these positive attributes and we are proud to be associated with them. This is why we have chosen to work with the Rescue Society", stated Torfinn Kildal in his speech prior to the christening itself.

Herborg Kråkevik, who plays the lead in the major Norwegian motion picture "The biggest in the world", now premiering at theatres all over the country, was obviously very proud to be the godmother of the RS Simrad Buholmen. "Doing this is a really big thing for me. I have no particular maritime ties myself, but Norwegians all long the coast have strong feelings about the rescue boats. No wonder, since they are among the most important safety measures we have along the coast", added Herborg to Kongsberg Gruppen.

Norway's popular actress Herborg Kråkevik was obviously
very proud to be the godmother of the RS Simrad Buholmen.

In his speech during the presentation of the gift to its godmother, Jan Berner emphasised Kongsberg's excellent co-operation with the Rescue Society. "The Society is a discerning customer and that gives us something to reach for as we strive to improve our products", commented Berner.

The RS "Simrad Buholmen" will be stationed on Måløy, giving the 25 volunteers in the Sea Rescue Corps a hypermodern rescue boat for patrolling the waters around Stadt. With two water jet engines providing a total of 674 diesel horsepower, the 12 meter (41-foot) boat has a top speed of 34 knots. Two similar rescue boats, the RS "Sundt" and the RS "Simrad Færder", stationed in Bergen and in the Oslo Fjord, have proved exceptionally effective. This past summer, they saved lives and salvaged assets worth millions of NOK.

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