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Lone Wolf is a multi-disciplinary project in Kongsberg Protech Systems. The project designs and builds an autonomous remote weapon station (RWS) which can detect specific targets and fire on them with a paintball device.
Some of the disciplines covered by the project are:
  • Mechanics
  • Electronics
  • Image processing
  • Control software
  • User interface
  • Industrial design
  • Project management

In 2016 the project team had a total of 10 Bachelor and Master degree students. The system was based on a standard RWS that was modified to accept a paintball weapon and to be controlled by an NVIDIA development board running Linux. There were challenges in designing and manufacturing mechanical parts, interfacing the different electronic units and in the control and image processing software, but all these were overcome and the system completed a successful mission test and subsequent demonstration for KOG management and fellow summer students in the beginning of August.

In 2017, the project will start on 12 June and end on 11 August. All project members must be working through the entire period, except for 17-28 July when the project closes for vacation. Working hours are 8-16.
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