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You will discover that the best form of professional development takes place both on projects with colleagues and in contact with clients. We have a great belief in learning “on-the-job”, and already from your second working day you will be placed in a project group to start your training.

Competent colleagues are crucial, and some of our employees are among the world leaders in their field. We want knowledge sharing to be a natural part of our daily activities, and we therefore practise an “open-door policy” at the workplace. This means that if you have a challenge that you need to discuss, you are never far from a colleague who will help you with your problem.

If you need training in a new program or an updating of your knowledge, we run both internal and external courses. These can be subject-specific courses such as programming in C# or an updating in AutoCad, or more general courses such as those in the office package and language courses.

Employees who do a lot of international travelling, may also complete the course "Managing cultural challenges". In this course you will study issues such as cross-cultural behaviour, communication and challenges.


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