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KONGSBERG’s objective is to safeguard and enhance stakeholder value through profitable and growth-oriented industrial development in a long-term and international perspective.

Good corporate governance and corporate management shall reduce business-related risk, while the company’s resources shall be utilised in an effective and sustainable manner. The Group shall achieve its goals through further development of first-class competency centres, deliveries of market-leading systems, and products and services in its international market segments, as well as by operating in an ethical, sustainable and socially responsible manner. KONGSBERG is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange and is subject to Norwegian securities legislation and stock exchange regulations.

How KONGSBERG understands the concept 

Corporate governance deals with issues and principles associated with the distribution of roles between the governing bodies in a company, and the responsibility and authority assigned to each body. Good corporate governance is distinguished by responsible interaction between owners, the Board and management, seen in a long-term productive
and sustainable perspective. It calls for effective cooperation, a defined division of responsibilities and roles between the shareholders, the Board and management, respect for the Group’s other stakeholders, and open, reliable communication  with the world around us. The Group’s value platform and ethical guidelines are a fundamental premise for
KONGSBERG’s corporate governance. 

Treatment of the topic in 2015 

The topic of corporate governance is subject to annual evaluations and discussions by the corporate Board. Amongst
other things, the Group’s management documents are reviewed and revised annually.


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