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Business Development focuses on the long-term, strategic development of KONGSBERG. Its staff works closely with the business areas to shape the Group's future. The business areas focus on developing their own core activities. Business Development is also responsible for areas outside our current spheres of activity. In addition, Business Development advises the Group on issues involving the acquisition and disposal of business activities.

New opportunities

KONGSBERG constantly seeks new opportunities both inside and outside the Group. We are involved in developing promising ideas that will allow us to benefit from the technological and marketing expertise that exists in KONGSBERG.

KONGSBERG employees' high level of expertise in the broad range of high-technology fields means that ideas regularly turn up for projects that fall outside the Group's strategic target areas. Such ideas can be parlayed into new business activities outside the Group, preferably in collaboration with other industrial or financial players.

Have you got a good idea?

Contact us if you have ideas or plans for potential products or services. Ideas will be reviewed by us and our experts in the appropriate fields within the Group on the basis of their technological and commercial merits. When projects are outside our traditional areas of expertise, we bring our partners Kongsberg Innovasjon into the evaluations.

Kongsberg Innovasjon Kongsberg Innovasjon's goal is to create new businesses on the basis of the expertise that exists in the industrial cluster in the Kongsberg region.

Visit Kongsberg Innovasjon's website here 


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