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New radar agreement strengthens safe sailing for seafarers

Kongsberg Norcontrol has signed a framework agreement with the Norwegian Coastal Administration for delivery, operations and maintenance of radars to the maritime traffic service.

Safe and Effective Sea Travel

Vice President of Marketing & Sales, Kongsberg Norcontrol, Lene Vesterlund
Technology from Kongsberg Norcontrol monitors ship traffic and ports all over the world. In this interview, the VP of Marketing and Sales, Lene Vesterlund, talks about the way forward for the company.

Introducing DOCK - Digital Operations Center KONGSBERG

DOCK - Digital Operations Center KONGSBERG
In order to better support our growing customer base, Kongsberg Norcontrol has modernized our customer support solution. Toward that end, we are happy to introduce our brand new customer portal: DOCK - Digital Operations Center KONGSBERG

New C-Scope VTS goes live with the Norwegian Coastal Administration

NCA is modernized with C-Scope
Kongsberg Norcontrol has upgraded the Norwegian Coastal Administration’s five Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) Centres with the new C-Scope Decision Support tool. The VTS Centres now have a state of the art VTS system with intelligent multi-sensor tracking providing an integrated real-time VTS Traffic Image for informed decision making.

C-Scope interoperable with STM Validation project

C-Scope and Adveto interoperable in STM Validation
The STM Validation project has made the first operational tests between ship and shore centre manufacturers. The key to the interoperability between different systems is the robust underlying infrastructure. The standardised information exchange mechanism makes it possible for actors to connect seamlessly at the first attempt and without any discussions on formats, interfaces or communication means.

Successful final demonstration of SESAME Straits e-Navigation project in Singapore

The SESAME Straits project utilizes e-Navigation concepts to reduce maritime traffic congestion and hot spots, as well as improve traffic safety and efficiency. Leading up to the recent Singapore Maritime Technology Conference, the project conducted a successful demonstration in close collaboration with Maritime and Port Authority in Singapore.

Top Safety Accreditation for Kongsberg Norcontrol IT Limited in the UK

KNC Safe Contractor Accredited
Kongsberg Norcontrol IT Limited based in Bristol, UK has been awarded accreditation from Safecontractor for its commitment to achieving excellence in health and safety.

KNC to revolutionise ship traffic management with SESAME Straits e-Navigation project

Kongsberg leads SESAME Straits project
Kongsberg Norcontrol IT will lead a ground-breaking three-year project called SESAME Straits (Secure, Efficient and Safe maritime traffic Management in the Straits of Malacca and Singapore), which aims to create solutions to significantly improve the safety and efficiency of ship navigation across the world.

KVITSØY Vessel Traffic Service Centre Goes Live

NCA goes live with C-Scope from Kongsberg
The first of five Norwegian regional VTS Centre to be upgraded under the February 2013 VTS Framework contract between the Norwegian Coastal Administration (NCA) and Kongsberg Norcontrol IT has been completed.


Kongsberg Norcontrol in the media

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